Tapping Eudaimonia

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Tapping Eudaimonia

 Meditation is active training for your brain. Performing regular mental activities to maintain or improve cognitive abilities. Tapping into the brains neuroplasticity, this gives the mind the ability to change.

Achieving Eudaimonia is balancing and furthering in all aspects of one’s life. By focusing “an inner state that’s one-pointed so that the mind becomes silent. When the mind is silent and no longer distracts your, meditation deepens”(yogainternational.com/The Real Meaning of Meditation), that balance can be achieved.

Here are a few types of meditation that I researched and found interesting and inspiring.


Metta Meditation

Metta channels, “Benevolence, loving-kindness, friendliness, amity, good will and active interest in others. This is considered to be a sublime state; the goal of this meditation is to create loving-kindness.

Metta meditation will elevate positive emotion like love, kindness, empathy, compassion and improves self-esteem.  This type of mediation also includes, being able to identify your self-worth and identity, by reducing feelings of anger, resentment, self-conflict, depression and anxiety. It works to shift the negative outlook on life. There's always a positive in the situation.  It may not be easy to see in the moment, but that is the goal of this meditation to sustain bliss.

First, find a quiet place and sit comfortably. Start by breathing deep down into your core, close your eyes, now open your mind to receive love, take in all love and beauty of oneself, as well as the world around them. Now send out a message of loving- kindness to the world, to oneself and others, including one's enemies. This is different for everyone. However meditating with positive emotions, leads to experiencing  those positive emotions in one's daily life. Leading to positive changes in one's life. https://www.mettainstitute.org/mettameditation.html


 Body Scan Meditation

Body Scan Meditation necessitates “Mind-body relaxation” . In this practice, the focus is to scan one's entire body, guiding light or energy throughout. Either Sitting or lying down. Body scan meditation is completed when one has scanned the entire body. 

By focusing the mind and energy on rebuilding a part of the body, Body scan meditation can be used to promote healing, pain management as well as physical recovery. In addition it’s widely used as a sleep aid. Body scan meditation is a great way to relax and reduce stress while creating a wonderful mind-body connection, increasing self-esteem, self-worth, and an identity. 

To start sit or lay down, focusing and imagining every part of the body. Starting with your toes, feet, legs, etc.until you’ve gone through your entire body. While focus your energy or light throughout each part. Taking in all physical sensations and scanning on a micro-level. https://mindful.stanford.edu/additional-resources/self-care/body-scan-meditation/


 Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness relates to the “psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment”. Mindfulness meditation is to be in the present moment. The goal is to have all of one's attention on what's occurring in the present moment, of one's subjective life experiences. 

This meditation can be practiced anywhere, at any time. Helps to focus the mind, improves memory, relationship even diet. So the next time you find yourself stressed or annoyed at a situation, take in the little things around you and breathe.  Look at the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes, with emotions within the present moment without judgement or negativity without attaching oneself to what needs to be done, nor what has been done, simply taking in the now.https://www.verywellmind.com/mindfulness-meditation-88369


Breath Awareness Meditation

Breath Awareness benefits; “emotional control, body awareness. Improves sense of self and overall well-being”.The focus of this meditation is to relax through breathing so you may sit, stand, or lie down, but not falling asleep. 

Equal breathing techniques, where you set your inhale and exhale at the same rate, either through your nostrils only or inhale through the nostrils and exhale through the mouth. Patterned breathing such as 4-7-8.  Inhale 4 seconds, hold 7 seconds, exhale over the course of 8 seconds, or Box breathing another technique with set increments say 5 seconds. Inhale 5 seconds, hold 5 seconds, exhale 5 seconds, hold 5 seconds, and repeat. 

Back straight to allow for full lung capacity, breathe slowly and deeply inhale and exhale, focusing all of one's attention on the breath only, letting all other thoughts pass by using one of the above methods. Similar breathing techniques have been shown to improve oxygen levels within the body which can improve physical performance and stamina. https://balanceyourlife.com/2018/02/breath-awareness-meditation/

Box breathing ://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/321805.php

Kundalini Yoga

“Kundalini is a school of yoga that is influenced by Shaktism and Tantra school of Hinduism”. Kundalini yoga is active meditation, combining body movement, breathing techniques and mantras. It awakens the Kundalini energy present at the base of the spine, as it is released through the seven chakras it purifies one's system. Allowing complete body awareness aligning all mental, spiritual and or physical ailments. Typically taught by an instructor, or teacher. Increase physical strength and energy, reduces pain, and improves emotional control and overall mental health.https://www.gaia.com/article/what-is-kundalini-yoga


Zen meditation

The goal of Zen meditation is to seek the nature of existence and to observe one's thoughts without judgement, many seek Zen meditation as a spiritual path. Zen meditation involves specific steps and postures that take discipline and practice which will vary between instructor, teacher, or school. https://zenstudies.org/teachings/how-to-practice/


Mental Rehearsal

Mental rehearsal or visualization is a practice that transcends ones current state of being by envisioning and completing  task or activity through your mind before you physically complete it. This empowering tool focuses the mind, expands consciousness and self-awareness. Improve self-confidence, motivation and creativity, elevates positive emotions while reducing negative emotions like fear, doubt and anxiety. Used in sports, combat training, and artistry to hone current skills or quickly learn new ones. https://www.forbes.com/sites/brettsteenbarger/2018/02/17/tapping-the-power-of-mental-rehearsal/


 Research Articles

There is a  great article on Forbes, entitled 7 ways meditation can actually change the brain, which intrigued me it had many innovations I thought I would pass on.

“With advancements in science we can now see a little bit more of what’s going on in the brain. With Functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) and Electroencephalography (EEG) that show electrical impulses in the brain”,  by using these methods we now have a better illustration and understanding of brain activity. Finding meditation has amazing neurological benefits, from increasing gray matter thus preserving and aging mind to physically reshaping the brain”     

“Sarah Lazar and her team at Harvard found that meditation can change the brain structure. An 8-week mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) study, found an increase in cortical thickness in the hippocampus, which handles learning and memory also in other parts of the brain dealing with emotional regulation and the self-referencing process.  Additionally, they found a decrease in brain cell volume at the amygdala, which governs fear and anxiety. Participants reported an improvement in mood and well-being even sometime later with her follow-up team. MBSR was developed by Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn in the 70s, at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, his goal is to reduce stress physically and mentally. Studies have shown its benefits even years after the initial 8-week study”. https://www.forbes.com/sites/alicegwalton/2015/02/09/7-ways-meditation-can-actually-change-the-brain/

Abstract Study

Addiction is a big one, affecting millions of people each year. A 2011 study on Mindfulness for smoking cessation put Mindfulness Training (MT) against the American Lung Association's Freedom From Smoking treatment (FFS).

“This was a 4-week trial with a 17-week follow-up. 88 smokers pack a day or better seeking treatment. Participated in twice-weekly sessions for 4 weeks, for a total of 8 sessions. Participants were randomly assigned to receive MT or FFS.

Results showed 36% reducing use or quit smoking using MT versus 15% reducing or quit smoking using FFS with even more impressive results at the follow-up. 

During the findings 31% of participants that used MT continued reduction or sustained quitting, whereas only 6% of FFS participates continued and sustained quitting. Confirming MT is better than standard methods of treatment for smoking cessation. Similar studies have been done on other forms of addiction, as well as psychiatric disorders like depression and anxiety.”  https://academic.oup.com/scan/article/9/6/751/1664700

There is something for everyone and meditation practices are not only for adults the kids can join in too! Studies have shown the cognitive and emotional benefits of meditation for school children, with some schools implementing meditation in the school schedule. Resulting in a decrease in suspension and an increase in GPA and attendance. 


With all I've said here today I hope I have sparked an interest in you to start meditating in some way. The journey is lifelong so start small, stay consistent, and enjoy a peaceful mind. Take a few minutes in the morning and before bed to calm your mind, give thanks and attention to your body and send Love out to others, and the universe. I like to say 10 minutes a day keeps the crazy away. Join us at ALLFLO.CO  All your Zen in one den.


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